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Asset Management industry : digital big bang in 2015 ?

Online banks, insurance companies and FinTech institutions are flourishing. At the same time, web giants are increasingly interested in the financial industry... However, a number of asset managers seem to be late to catch opportunities offered by the digital era. 2015 could be a turning point and see the launch of a new digital landscape setting new limits. Discover our convictions in our latest newsletter !

The French private equity industry will have its new vehicle soon: the Société de Libre Partenariat (SLP), a French-like Limited Partnership

Inspired by the Anglo-Saxon Limited Partnership’s key features, the Société de Libre Partenariat (SLP) established by the so-called Macron law is the new French vehicle mainly attractive to foreign investors wishing to invest in non-listed European private companies.

Irish domiciled mutual funds continue to be repositioned in Chilean pension funds' portfolios

2014 was a year marked by the return of Irish domiciled funds to the investment portfolios of Chilean pension funds.