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Asia Region Funds Passport : public consultation launched until July 11, 2014

In late 2013, finance ministers from Singapore, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand officialised a statement of intent on the establishment of the Asia Region Funds Passport. Eligible collective investment schemes in selected members' economies should access the "passport" no later than the beginning of 2016. The contractual countries are now launching a public consultation.

Fund Distribution in Latin America - New study !

More than a mere data collection, our study details our convictions. We are convinced that the way to approach local investors and the distribution methods and channels to be used have to be closely linked to the asset manager’s business model. In this context, the publication named « Building your gateway to Latin American investors » describes the best market practices depending on the type of targeted investors.

EMIR : a reform in progress

Frequently considered as remote and blurry, obligations enforced by European rule EMIR are gradually implemented. Countdown has well begun and is not restricted to OTC derivatives.